Hard - Violent - Sweets!


When you catch a first glimpse into our rehearsal-room without any clue what kind of music we are playing you may be wondering about what you’re seeing: Singer Micha guzzles a juice-box while drummer Flo checks his stock of sticks and notices – as in every rehearsal – that he desperately needs new ones. Just in time bass-guitar-player Hendrik enters the room and fills up our sweets-deposit. After Robin nearly choked on a cookie the scene is over and another facet of the band is shown – without any sweets…


See us live in 2023

  • 15.04.2023 - Düsseldorf
  • 22.04.2023 - Bergisch Gladbach
  • 29.04.2023 - Köln
  • 08.07.2023 - Niederkassel
  • 26.08.2023 - Lindlar
  • 02.09.2023 - Köln


Burn it Down

Finally, in June 2018 we published our first ep "Burn it Down".

We are really proud to present you the result of countless hours in our rehearsal-room and the homemade studio. 
Please enjoy these five songs and make an own impression of our music!